Language Commander Review – Translate Any Web Page Easily


Language Commander is a new software program from Locustware that can translate any page into dozens of different languages. It can translate blog posts, sales pages, landing pages, email capture pages and affiliate sales pages.

I have been using many Locustware products for quite some time to increase traffic and sales, and Language Commander fits perfectly with their products.



Why would you need this?

Quite simply, to broaden your audience. While many people outside the United States and U.K. may be able to speak and read English, they most often perform web searches in their native tongue.

If your sales page is translated in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, etc., imagine how often it will show up in search results. There are nearly ONE BILLION Chinese speaking people in this world alone.

Plus, Google loves non-English web content because there just isn’t enough. Make Google happy and be rewarded with high ranking content.

Language Commander also creates SEO content for each translated page to help the search engines find and index your new pages.

Is it easy to use?

Language Commander can be used the minute you install it. While it does come with easy-to-follow instructions and video walkthrough, the interface is easy to understand.

Step 1: Enter a project name

Step 2: Enter keywords relevant to your product or blog post

Step 3: Enter the URL of the page you want to translate

Step 4: Enter the URL of the page you wish the visitor to be redirected to when they click anywhere on the translated page

Step 5: Select the languages you want your page translated to

Step 6: Click Start

Easy as it comes!

Who is Language Commander for?

Language Commander is perfect for internet marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, content sites or anyone who just wants more targeted worldwide traffic to their site.


Quickly translate any page into dozens of languages

Incredibly easy to use

SEO content to increase search engine rankings

The best 24/7 support available anywhere


Only works with Windows


Walkthrough Video:

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