OTP Phantom Review – Create Millions of Pages Automatically

OTP Phantom

How many web pages have you created in the past year?




How would like to create millions of pages in just a couple hours?

That’s right! Millions!!

And, these aren’t just crappy web pages with a few lines of text. These are content-rich, SEO friendly pages that the search engines love.

And all of these pages are pointing to one site. That’s right! All that FREE traffic is going straight to any site of your choice.

Imagine having traffic from millions of web pages going straight to any site you wish. This could be:

  • An affiliate site
  • blog
  • Shopify or Amazon store
  • squeeze page
  • whatever you want

If you do local marketing, imagine how easy it would be to sign up clients if you have loads of traffic directed to their web site!

This is what OTP Phantom does for you – a complete internet marketing Business-In-A-Box.

OTP Phantom was developed by internet marketing genius Cliff Carrigan. As a successful internet marketer, Cliff wanted to develop tools to help others be as successful as he has been. And, OTP Phantom by Locustware proves that.

How does OTP Phantom work


  1. Enter 3 to 5 longtail keywords relevant to your niche
  2. Enter your destination site and the site where you will host all of those millions of web pages
  3. Enter your web page titles
  4. Select a background color and clickbait image
  5. And run

In no time at all you will have millions of pages waiting to be indexed by the search engines.

What Else Do I Get?

Organic Traffic Platform also comes with over 40 additional tools to help you succeed online:

Keyword Question Commander – find the best keywords to drive traffic to your site.

Niche Commander – find untapped keywords to dominate YouTube

SEO Intel Commander – increase the SEO of your website by spying on your competitors

Video Content Curator – pull the content from YouTube videos in your niche

Video Mod Master – create multiple copies of your video, each slightly different than the others, stuffed with search engine loving metadata

Tube Authority Commander – increase your YouTube channel’s ranking by auto-posting comments

Language Commander – convert any web site into dozens of different languages

Video Traffic Sniper – build YouTube videos using the success of other videos

YouTube, Reddit and Pinterest expired domain finder.

And much, more..

Active Mentor Forum

Locustware’s motto is “No Marketer Left Behind!” for good reason. OTP Phantom also includes a large community of internet marketers like yourself, many of whom are very successful. You have opportunities to learn from each other and share what works and what doesn’t. I rarely go a day or two without learning something new. It’s awesome!

Best Support in the Business

One of the greatest benefits of Locustware is the support staff. They offer, undeniably, the best support of any internet team available today. There is no having to go to Facebook and post a support message (you know who I’m talking about) or submitting a support ticket and having to wait 48 hours to get a response. These guys and gals are almost always available.

Free Webinar Training Classes

The support staff also offer weekly webinars on how to use the software or strategies to implement for marketing success.



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